Meet the Tai Dam

Unreached People Group | TAI DAM

In 2023 we committed to seeing the gospel reach unreached people groups (UPG). The Tai Dam people in the Mekong river region are unreached with less than 1% of their population claiming Christianity.


    The Tai Dam people originated in China but emigrated south, due to unending pressure by the Chinese, to Vietnam long ago and consider northwestern Vietnam to be their homeland. Because of war in the 20th century many Tai Dam were scattered after fleeing their homeland. Many resettled in southern Vietnam and Laos. They are part of the Thai official nationality in Vietnam.

Thw word ‘dam’ (meaning black) refers to the traditional black-colored clothing worn by both men and women.

Struggles of the Tai Dam

Tai Dam live in small villages, in rural areas, living off the land. This isolation has mad it difficult for the gospel to reach them.

They do not tend to travel far and are in need of house churches within walking distance. These house churches need leaders who can communicate the gospel orally as most Tai Dam are not literate.

Drunkenness and alcoholism are rampant because alcohol is prevalent in social gatherings and essential for hospitality.The spiritual culture of the Tai Dam include ancestor worship, spirit offerings and witchcraft.


Pray for the Tai Dam

The percentage of Tai Dam Christians is 0.17%. One million Tai Dam have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Most of them go their entire lives never hearing the Word of God. They live in fear, making offerings to ancestors and evil spirits, FBC is committed to seeing this change.