Youth Mission Trip

3 ways you can pray for our Ogden Mission Trip

1. Pray for our hearts

  • Pray that God would place a burden for the lost on our hearts.
  • Pray that we will grow closer together and to God on this trip.
  • Pray for safe travel to and back from Ogden.

2. Pray for the hearts of the lost

  • Pray for a willingness to lesson to the good news of Christ.
  • Pray for Salvation of many lost souls.
  • Pray for those saved to continue their walk with Christ long after we are gone through find family of believers and through discipleship.

3. Pray for Shane, Onneke, and the Next Gen Team.

  • Pray that God use us to help them further their ministry in Ogden.
  • Pray that God will continue to use them to reach the lost.
  • Pray for a spiritual awakening the town of Ogden.


You can help fund this trip by donation through check or easy tithe.


Contact our Student Pastor,
Drew Posada